A new kitchen updates a house instantly and adds a significant amount of value to the property. It can also bring a great deal of pleasure to all concerned!


Kitchens are often part of a large open-plan living area and therefore need to work within the parameters of practicality, good venting to ensure minimal cooking smells, quiet appliances, good looks as it’s in the heart of the “public” area of the home and a social place, and of course, it’s got to be designed properly to work well on every level.


At Villa Image, we love granite or stone counter tops, natural oak, painted finish or glossy finished doors and stainless steel appliances—but we are always on the look-out for new styles and innovations.


Our Italian stone suppliers have a fantastic range of granites and natural stones to choose from for counter tops, plus composite materials even more hard-wearing than granite.


Kitchens are the heart of the home—even a holiday home—so make sure that your kitchen fulfills all your requirements, aesthetically and practically.


Updating the bathrooms can make all the difference to your house. Creating a superb master bedroom suite can add enormous value when and if you eventually re-sell and can add to your rentable value too. Not forgetting, and probably most important of all, your own personal comfort...


We create many bathrooms in natural stone, generally white sanitary ware, but sometimes stone sinks, suspended WC’s and bidets, streamlined stainless steel taps all create the look, which is, of course, easy to clean and appeals to most tastes. The stone on the walls is often the same stone that runs through the house as floor covering, but filled and smooth. It can be sandblasted for shower bases to create a non-slip surface or complementary stone mosaics are often used.


Very large ceramic tiles in neutral colours with integrated mirrors create a thoroughly modern “boutique hotel” feel – perfect to highlight the holiday feeling and very easy to look after.


We pay particular attention to lighting and use glass shower "walls" in order to maximise natural light in the shower and prevent that closed in feeling.

Large walk-in showers can be built even in relatively small rooms, with clever design, and we at Villa Image, are adept at squeezing en-suite shower rooms into bedroom spaces!


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