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Swimming Pools

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Villa Image can build you a delightful new pool, incorporating the safety laws that came into force for every privately owned pool at the beginning of 2006.

The addition of an electronic solid security cover when installed during the building of the pool isn’t as expensive as trying to add it on afterwards, although this can be done very successfully. Equally, fencing can be made to be less obtrusive with a little forethought and design planning. New style pool alarms are available now, which are built into a new pool, thus avoiding the ugly alarm boxes sitting on the side.

If you have a beautiful view to take advantage of, an overflow pool not only looks fabulous, but keeps the pool surface ultra clean very efficiently.

The addition of a 20m² pool house can provide an essential outdoor space for summer living, and in most cases, can be built with a simple déclaration des travaux instead of a building permit. See our example of pure relaxation on the slideshow.

The addition of pool heating will mean that you can use your pool comfortably, all year round if you want to, rather than the two to three months of a non-heated pool and this facility can, in most cases, be easily added to an existing pool.

The use of a stone mosaic can add interest to steps, which can also serve as a very popular "beach" area. Popular for everybody!

Swimming Pools can also be renovated. Sometimes, when you purchase a property, the 20 year old swimming pool that comes with it can be slightly off-putting.

In a lot of cases, these pools can be “saved” by re-tiling inside and around the pool, and the installation of new, up-to-date equipment.